It's All About Your Dog

DogWatch® Hidden Fences Products Overview

More Features. Flexible Solutions.


DogWatch Hidden Fences and Remote Trainers are designed to
keep your pet safe and to be safe for your pet.

With a pet containment system from DogWatch, your pet can roam and play freely within the boundaries you set.  The fence is hidden, but the effects aren't. Your dog will stay in your yard, and you can relax knowing your pet is safe.

At Dogwatch, we really believe “Its All About Your Dog”.  We invite you to
learn about our pet fence products and our exclusive Pet Friendly features.
Compare us to other pet containment systems to find out why DogWatch is
"Simply the best . . . No getting around it!". 

We stand behind all of our pet containment products and will happily answer any questions you have.

And don't forget to check out the BigLeash Remote Trainer by DogWatch!