It's All About Your Dog

The BigLeash Remote Trainer by DogWatch


Because dogs will be dogs. And that's what we love about them.

Dogs love to run and jump. Dogs love to dig. Sometimes they bark. Sometimes they steal your socks. Fortunately, dogs are pretty smart, so with a little training, you and your tail waggin' buddy can enjoy each other's company even more than you already do.

Your dog is happiest when he knows he is pleasing you - you can see it in his tail. But without training, he may not understand what is 'good dog' behavior and what is 'bad dog' behavior. As far as he knows, he is just doing what comes naturally - - being a dog!

Effective Dog Training. With the BigLeash remote trainer, training your dog is easy, safe, and effective. Remote dog training collars have been used safely as an effective behavioral training tool for more than forty years. Here's why . . .

Precise Timing. One of the benefits of using a remote dog training collar is that the behavior correction can be more precisely applied in association with the behavior. Keeping the training message clear helps your dog learn.

Consistency. Consistency is key. Make your training message precise and keep it consistent and your dog will understand what you expect. He'll be happier - and so will you!

Remote Application. There are times when remote application of a behavior correction is important - - like if your dog is running away from you, for example. A remote correction is not possible with other training approaches.

DogWatch training products are safe for your pet and they help keep your pet safe.

The BigLeash Remote Trainer is appropriate for training companion dogs, field trial training and for hunting and sporting dogs.

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